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JParra March 10'th 2008 01:28:31 am

Hello everyone, welcome to work4bandwidth

My name is Javier Parra, and the objective of this blog is, just that, to make a blog, I'm planning on releasing this software with an MIT License. It's features are, or will be:

  • A blog aimed to professionals in any area, focusing mostly on the digital ones.
    • At this stage this blog can parse php, js and mysql code, easily expandable to include other languages, using the GeSHI class
    • One priority is to make uploading media (Highres images, videos, audio, animations) a one click experience, simple and powerful is a most.
  • This blog currently features ajax integration, offering it's content in HTML and XML form.
  • This blog is built entirely on PHP5 using object oriented programming; support for older installations of PHP is not contemplated.
  • The database back end of this current version is MySql, Postgres support is a priority, support for other DBMS is contemplated, although secondary.
  • I contemplated support for OpenID, but I think that at this stage OpenID is not a good asset, I might let some time pass for the OpenID idea to evolve a bit more, into a more usable system both for developers and users.


This blog is currently in Alpha Stage of development and the source is not publicly available yet. The temp codename of this project is tresBasura (I accept name suggestions) and I will be using this blog to keep track of the road map, and post about the bumps I find on the road, hoping to help people that might come across the same things

To do

Here is a list of the things I want to get done before releasing the first beta version of tresBasura

  1. Style Template Support
  2. Primitive Mods Support
  3. An Admin Control Panel
  4. User Control Panel
  5. Tags Support
  6. Trackback Support
  7. Media Management
  8. Better Highlighting
  9. Automated Installer

About me

As I said, My name is Javier Parra, I'm 20 years old, and began to learn web development in 2003, that means I've been learning for 5 years; I live "Somewhere in México". And work as a web developer on Etnia Productions; I work on this project in my spare time.

Why open source?

The open source foundation has given so much to me and I feel the need to payback a little something to the community, I plan on releasing small php and js classes along the way.

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